School Bullying: A Silent Killer

By: The Global Diplomat Writer Image credit: Forbes For a long time, a voice would always loom in my head-“You will never admit how malice your sins were; your lives are filled with so much boredom that you wish one more person will die in this world.” This is a quote from the protagonist of the movie “The River of Sadness,” which talks about school … Continue reading School Bullying: A Silent Killer

What It Takes to Decriminalize Criminals

By Jessie Jin Image credit: Rolling Stone The American justice system is in urgent need for reform. It is oppressive, unfair, and ineffective. Instead of being a place of nurturing and helping people get back to their regular lives, it creates a stigma that surrounds inmates for the rest of their lives.  The purpose of the American criminal justice system can be best broken down … Continue reading What It Takes to Decriminalize Criminals

The Belarus Protests 2020

By Heeya Firdaus Image credit: Forbes Often called “Europe’s last dictatorship”, Belarus has recently erupted in protests, perhaps in hopes of disproving that alarming title. On August 9th, the nation’s electoral polls indicated a win for incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko with an overwhelming (and deeply unrealistic) majority of 80%, despite his clearly unpopular policies and the presence of popular support for his opposition. Out of … Continue reading The Belarus Protests 2020

Cultural Differences Unveiled Through COVID-19

By Kristin Cho Image credit: Oracle The COVID-19 pandemic has a global impact socially, economically, and politically. Although countries like New Zealand, Vietnam, and Taiwan have been averaging less than 5 new cases each day, many countries still struggle with the exploding new COVID cases. With the elongated duration of the pandemic providing great numbers of statistics for pattern observation, the cultural differences among countries … Continue reading Cultural Differences Unveiled Through COVID-19

Washington: journey to statehood

By Akina Nanayakkara Image credit: Fodors In June of 2020, a bill was passed by the House of Representatives to announce Washington DC as the 51st state. This was an unprecedented move by the House, and one that is still shrouded by controversy. The argument regarding Washington DC and its right to statehood is an ongoing debate. It is also a discussion that has garnered … Continue reading Washington: journey to statehood

Cultural Appropriation

By Lindsay Wong Image credit: Bustle The onset of globalization has led to an increase in social awareness and consciousness. The issue of cultural appropriation has prompted debate and led to more people getting called out for toxic behavior. Cultural appropriation refers to members of a more dominant society inappropriately adopting the customs, practices, ideas, etc. of another (usually less dominant) culture. Though many people … Continue reading Cultural Appropriation

“What’s Wrong with Rehabilitation?”: How the Chinese Government is Denying a Cultural Genocide

By Joyce Li Image credit: ABC Net Currently, there are approximately a million Uighur Muslims being held in concentration camps in Xinjiang, an autonomous region located in northwest China. This is a fact backed up by satellite images, refugee testimonies, and several government data leaks, all of which prove not only the establishment of these camps, but that they exist to strip Uighur Muslims of … Continue reading “What’s Wrong with Rehabilitation?”: How the Chinese Government is Denying a Cultural Genocide