As Pakistan Fights COVID, Misinformation Presents Another Battle

by Meheer CommuriImage: visuals / Unsplash Both in the thick of the coronavirus pandemic, India and Pakistan find themselves in opposite positions. In India, people are lining up for far too few vaccines. In Pakistan, there are far too few lines. Although the country “has secured 17 million doses of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine… [and] approved China’s Sinopharm and Russia’s Sputnik V vaccines,” “49% of the … Continue reading As Pakistan Fights COVID, Misinformation Presents Another Battle

Vaccine Apartheid

by Jack WiseImage: Daniel Schludi/ Unsplash Vaccines have been cited as a great way to get out of the worst spread of newfound disease. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused enormous loss of life. However, efforts to get the global population fully vaccinated are taking place, albeit in an unfair manner. The United States has surpassed 200 million doses administered this April and after long awaited … Continue reading Vaccine Apartheid

COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act: Hate Amid Pandemic

by Tatyana B.Image: Kareem Hayes / Unsplash It goes without saying that the COVID-19 pandemic is a momentous obstacle that the world has struggled to overcome. Case numbers have fluctuated, unemployment rates have risen, and government regulations have changed repeatedly. Emotions such as frustration, greif, anger, and hopelessness have been painfully unavoidable. These emotions can be overwhelming, leading many to feel the need to place … Continue reading COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act: Hate Amid Pandemic

Denial, Disdain & Delusion : How PM Modi steered India into a COVID nightmare

by Heeya FirdausImage: Mufid Majnun / Unsplash As the first wave of COVID-19 ebbed towards the end of last year, India’s leaders prematurely declared “victory” over the disease and proceeded to mislead the public into living a dangerously care-free life. India’s Prime Minister Modi was at the helm of perpetuating this illusion. What followed was an obvious, almost step-by-step, descent into chaos and carnage caused … Continue reading Denial, Disdain & Delusion : How PM Modi steered India into a COVID nightmare

Australia’s Sizeable Vaccination Problem

by AnonymousImage: Pexels Free Images As we make our way into the 18th month of the coronavirus pandemic, the world is beginning to see an end in sight. With more than 10 pharmaceutical companies currently in the process of manufacturing vaccines or working towards approval, there is hope that normal (pre-2020) life will soon begin again. Countries across the globe have jumped at the opportunity … Continue reading Australia’s Sizeable Vaccination Problem

The 2021 Tokyo Olympics Debate

by Lindsay WongImage: Dakiny / CreativeCommons The upcoming Tokyo Olympics has sparked a very unique debate concerning the dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic: should the games be held or cancelled? While it looks like the games have gotten the green light to go ahead and are slated to begin on July 23rd, the public is concerned about the threats posed by a global pandemic and … Continue reading The 2021 Tokyo Olympics Debate