Space: An Old Frontier in a New Cold War

by Richard NghiemImage: Jared. 2015, digital image. Available from: Flickr When President Trump officially announced the creation of the United States Space Force, many experts and officials in Washington D.C., along with the US population, scoffed at the idea. What security threats or weapons were there in space? What was the need for such a force? Was the President just seeking fame by trying to make … Continue reading Space: An Old Frontier in a New Cold War

China’s Rocket Launch Failure

by Jessie JinImage: SpaceX / Unsplash On April 29 of 2021, China launched the Long March 5B rocket in Hainan Island, China, leaving many people wary after the launch. The rocket, approximately 33 meters tall and 40,000 pounds, marked the initiation of China’s new space program. The rocket was intended to release Tianhe, the main module of China‚Äôs permanent space station, into orbit. However, it … Continue reading China’s Rocket Launch Failure